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Roland Go Mixer PRO X Portable Audio Mixer for iOS & Android

Roland Go Mixer PRO X Portable Audio Mixer for iOS & Android

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Roland’s GO MIXER PRO X brings you the newest audio mixer for smartphones and tablets. Boasting a compact size yet packed with connectivity, the GO:MIXER PRO X allows you to capture multiple sound sources in high quality. So it’s perfect for music videos, live streams, podcasts, and more. Compared with the previous version of the GO Mixer, the PRO-X has a whole lot to offer. Including expanded support for Android and iOS devices; a guitar/bass input pad switch; as well as the ability to use a headset mic or the inline mic on smartphone earbuds as a sound source.

The Ultimate Companion For Content Creation

With today’s technology, our smartphones and tablets record exceptional video. However, the built-in microphones will never deliver the sound quality you need for truly professional productions. That’s where the GO:MIXER PRO-X comes in! Giving you the ultimate companion for mobile content creation while combining multi-channel mixing and sound monitoring. All in a pocket-sized device that you can take with you anywhere.

What’s more, the GO:MIXER PRO-X supports the audio needs of all creators. Allowing you to connect and mix up to seven audio sources including a professional XLR microphone, guitar or bass, keyboard or drum machine, and two stereo line-level devices.

The headphone jack also supports an additional mic feed. While the Loop Back function allows you to mix in music and other audio from connected devices as well. There’s even a newly added pad switch for the dedicated guitar/bass input. Letting users attenuate the signal for instruments with active pickups.

Equipped with both USB Micro-B and four-pole TRRS analog jacks; the GO:MIXER PRO-X provides plug-and-play operation with most iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. Three different cable types are also included for connecting to Lightning, USB-C, and four-pole TRRS jacks on mobile devices. You can power the GO:MIXER PRO-X with either four AAA-size batteries, or through the device connection when using a USB Micro-B connector.

Finally, not only does the GO:MIXER PRO-X provide great quality for videos and livestreams. But it’s also perfect when combined with apps such as Roland Zenbeats or GarageBand. It even works great as a portable standalone mixer for practicing and performing.

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