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Sennheiser IE 100 PRO Black Professional In Ear Monitors (CLEAR)

Sennheiser IE 100 PRO Black Professional In Ear Monitors (CLEAR)

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Product Description

The Sennheiser IE 100 PRO Clear in-ear monitors offer confident monitoring even on the loudest stage. Delivering a consistent frequency response in both low and high SPLs. As well as extreme comfort even after hours of use thanks to an ultra-flat. stage-proof and robust design.

Sporting a newly developed dynamic driver, the IE 100 PRO Black guarantees a precise acoustic overview. With an innovative diaphragm, the IE 100 PRO Black delivers a warm sound. While remaining powerful and rich in detail. Even in extremely loud environments, every aspect remains distortion-free and defined. So it’s perfect whether you’re performing live, producing, or just everyday use.

Dynamic drivers of the next generation

Most in-ear monitor systems use multi-driver solutions taken from hearing aids. Whereas the IE 100 PRO uses a next-generation single dynamic driver with a frequency range remaining harmonious as a whole. Well-rounded and with an expanded frequency spectrum, you won’t notice any distortions with the special diaphragm. Resonating easily, even at maximum sound levels as compared to the more rigid drive principle of the multi-way drivers.

Small but mighty. And comfortable too

Amazing sound and small enough to fit in your ear, the advanced driver system in the IE 100 PRO brings a considerably expanded sound spectrum. So you’ll be impressed if you’re a musician, sound engineer, or DJ. The design has also been optimised and checked against hundreds of ear shapes. As a result, you’ve got a set of in-ear monitors that sit flat, securely, and don’t carry any extra weight.

Reinvented down to the last detail

If you’re not monitoring your sound, there’s no real performance. The IE 100 PRO is designed to give you unmatched reliability. Reinventing its stage-compatible cabling with a unique internal cable duct. To put it simply, the IE 100 PRO will meet the highest expectations and withstand the stresses of the road.

IE 100 PRO – Stellar stage sound is now ready to go or for home use

Finally, the IE 100 PRO is ready wherever you are. When every nuance counts, the IE 100 PRO will deliver on stage, productions, and live sets. But you can also use it with your mobile or tablet for mixing and producing on the go. You also get three earplug sizes included for a comfortable fit for every auricle. While the passive noise canceling lets you focus on what’s important and remains comfortable after hours of use.

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