Shure EABKF1-10M Medium Foam sleeves for SE Series (5 Pair)

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New black foam sleeves are tapered, washable, and offer extended durability allowing for longer wear.

Product Description:

Gently compress the foam to create a comfortable fit and snug acoustic seal that holds the earphones firmly in place while blocking out ambient noise.

Available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and sold in packages of 5 pairs. Medium size black foams are equivalent in fit to the yellow foam sleeves.

Included with new SE Model Earphones (SE210, SE310, SE420 and SE530) and also compatible with E3c, E4c, E5c, E500PTH, i3c, and i4c models.

NOT compatible with E2c, E2g, i2c, i2c-t or QuietSpot models.