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Shure QLXD2/SM86 Wireless Digital Mic Transmitter Handheld (K52: 606-670MHz)

Shure QLXD2/SM86 Wireless Digital Mic Transmitter Handheld (K52: 606-670MHz)

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QLX-D™ Digital Wireless Systems deliver defined, streamlined performance with transparent 24-bit digital audio. Combining professional features with simplified setup and operation, QLX-D offers outstanding wireless functionality for demanding live sound events and installations.

Featuring transparent 24-bit digital audio quality and incredibly efficient RF spectrum usage, the QLXD2 handheld transmitter is ideal for wireless vocals in presentation spaces, music venues, and houses of worship. Easy to use, the QLXD2 quickly syncs with a wireless receiver over IR at the push of a button and maintains clear, uninterrupted signal over its entire 100 m (330 ft.) range. All metal construction ensures durability, and a wide selection of compatible microphone choices offer legendary Shure sound signatures.

The Shure SM86 is a unidirectional (cardioid) condenser vocal microphone for professional use in live performance. An extremely rugged microphone, the SM86 withstands the rigors of touring while delivering studio-quality sound. The tailored frequency response of the SM86 reproduces vocals with clarity. A cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise. The built-in three point shock mount minimizes handling noise, and a two-stage pop fi lter reduces wind and breath “pop” noise. The SM86 is an excellent selection For use with both stage monitors and personal in-ear monitors. 

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