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Product Description

Smoke Shield by AVE is a specially formulated anti-bacterial fluid that converts a conventional smoke machine into a portable disinfection machine. Made in Australia and kills 99.999% of bacteria. Making it the perfect sanitizing solution for cars, trucks, offices, and more. With a small 1-5 micro particle size, vapor works effectively on both hard and soft surfaces including fabrics and other porous surfaces for a deep clean. And is also great for treating air ducts, vents and other hard to access areas.

Supplied in a 1 litre bottle (DMM-1), its ideal size for smaller spaces, and can sanitize up to 4 standard passenger cars. Great for a one off treatment or occasional sanitation of cars, ducts, and other small areas.

 How To Use

  1. Add the Smoke Shield fluid to your machines fluid tank (ensure its clean of any other fluid/residues before adding Smoke Shield)
  2. Turn your smoke machine/fazer on
  3. When ready, operate your machine as normal
  4. Fill the environment (car, office, area) with the vapor
  5. Let the vapor sit for a few minutes then vent
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