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Soundcraft EFX series consoles are housed in a rugged chassis, and are ready for any ‘little’ gig you throw its way.

Be it for an installation in a small venue, or for a multipurpose portable mixer in a school or audiovisual inventory, EFX mixers have got plenty of on-board features to make sure the job gets done with minimum fuss.

EFX12 – gives you 12 microphone channels, each with a punchy preamp (or line input via ¼”), insert point, 3-band eq (with swept mid), aux send, effects send.

You also get a couple of stereo channels. All faders are 60mm.

The star of EFX12 is the built-in24-bit Lexicon effects processor. It uses the same AudioDNA® processor featured in numerous Digitech® and Lexicon outboard models, including the highly respected Lexicon MX400 processor. With over 35 years experience, the Lexicon name is synonymous with the best reverb and processing in the business, ensuring the finest quality effects not usually found in a console at this price level.