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Soundcraft Ui16 Digital Remote PA Mixer 16 Channel

Soundcraft Ui16 Digital Remote PA Mixer 16 Channel

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Soundcraft Ui16

The Soundcraft Ui16 gives you a complete, digital and remote audio mixer system. Housed in a compact, rugged stage box format. As well as giving you the ability to control up to 10 devices simultaneously. While also featuring cross-platform compatibility for seamless user experience. What’s more, the Ui16 features built-in HARMAN signal processing from brands such as dbx, DigiTech, and Lexicon. Along with fully recallable and remote-controlled mic gain and phantom power. Not to mention the 4-band parametric EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, de-esser and noise gate input channels.

The Soundcraft Ui16 remote audio mixer offers 31-band graphic EQ, noise gate and compressor on all outputs, plus real-time frequency analyzer (RTA) on inputs and outputs. Not only does the Ui16 include onboard Lexicon FX Reverb, Delay, and Chorus; its mixer controls include Subgroups, Mute groups, and View groups, among others. Featuring full Show/Snapshot recall ability with channel recall safes. While security lockout features allow customization of device access to only specific functions and mixes if needed. Also offering independent network interfaces for simultaneous control by Wi-Fi and Ethernet, plus a floor-ready rugged chassis for live applications.

Boasting eight XLR mic/line inputs, four XLR mic inputs, two channels of Hi- Z/instrument inputs, as well as a stereo RCA line input. A 2-channel USB media player is included, along with four balanced XLR Aux outputs, two quarter-inch headphone outputs with level control, plus balanced stereo XLR and quarter-inch main outputs. Two-channel USB audio playback is compatible with MP3, WAV and AIFF formats. 2-channel USB Record direct-to-memory devices functionality is possible as well. The Ui16 also has an HDMI display connection output. Soundcraft’s Ui16 is the perfect all-round PA remote audio mixer for portability and the option to connect with almost any device.

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