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SoundKing LTS1B Lighting Stand

SoundKing LTS1B Lighting Stand

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Product Description

Product Description
SoundKing LTS1B Lighting Stand
Aluminium Lighting Stand with T Bar and Side Arms. 3.25 m.
Great for areas where the space is tight, this adjustable high quality aluminium lighting stand has attachable side arms to complement the basic t-bar design, allowing for several fixtures (8 in total) to be mounted on the stand.
Soundking have sourced the highest quality pins and thumb wheels to ensure it will endure even the toughest conditions on the road.
Included steel bolts allow direct fitting of light fixtures to the unit, and it's 60kg rated capacity means a wide range of lights and effects. Due to the modular design of the stand you can modify the configuration to your needs .
* Load capacity: 60Kg
* Weight: 5.7Kg
* Height: 1450mm - 3250mm
* Width: T Bar - 1220mm / Side arms - 1110mm
Shipping Volume: .039cbm
Shipping Weight: 5.7kg
Warranty: 7 RR

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