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SoundKing LTS6 Lighting Stand

SoundKing LTS6 Lighting Stand

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Product Description

Product Description
SoundKing LTS6
Budget Lighting Stand with T Bar. 2.5m
This compact and lightweight lighting stand at a bargain price, comes with an included T-bar attachment.
Great for mobile DJs and small bands carrying their own production, this is a handy and flexible item for any touring unit. The stand is height adjustable up to a fully extended 2.5m.
Adding to its convenience, no clamps are required as your fixtures can bolt directly onto the T-Bar itself.
* Load capacity: 30Kg
* Weight: 4.5Kg
* Height: 1100mm - 2500mm
* T-bar Dimensions: 950x25x25
Shipping Volume: .012cbm
Shipping Weight: 4.7kg
Warranty: 7 RR

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