SPARKJETPRO SF-05 Spark Machine Continuous Flow with RF Remote

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SPARKJETPRO SF-05 Spark Machine Continuous Flow with RF Remote

Spark Fabrica SPARKJETPRO with RF Remote has just landed and is now in stock.

The SPARKJETPRO is a smooth continuous flowing cold spark machine that has 3 controllable variables: adjustable height, density and flow duration. An adjustable height of 1.5 to 5 metres, adjustable density of 30-100% and a maximum continuous flow duration of up to 30 seconds.

It uses composite titanium granules, has a tank capacity of 150 grams and each burst uses around 12 grams over 30 seconds at full output. The warm-up time is 5 minutes.

The SPARKJETPRO can be placed on an angle of up to 15 degrees and has built-in safety to prevent the machine from firing should it tip. 

Controllable by DMX, the included RF remote or the optional Pyro Sim controller, SPARKJETPRO comes with mounting screws and there is an optional case available that will hold 4 units.

  • Cold Spark Technology 
  • 3 Controllable Variables: Height, density and duration
AC Power
  • Input Voltage & Frequency: 240V 50HZ
  • Power Consumption: 600W
  • Power Input Connector: SEETRONIC
  • Power Output Connector: SEETRONIC
  • DMX Signal Interface: 5 PIN


  • Heat Up Time: < 5 Minutes


  • Powder Tank Capacity: 150g

Technical Parameters

  • Linear Adjustable Density: 30 - 100%
  • Adjustable Height: 1.5 - 5m 
  • Height Level: 1-10 Level 
  • Powder Consumption (100% Output) 20 - 25g per minute 
  • Maximum Single Continuous Duration: 30 seconds 


  • Control Protocol: DMX-512
  • RDM
  • CAN
  • SMPTE: Touch screen console support 


  • Power Plug: SEETRONIC (1.6 Metres)
  • Remote Controller: RF Remote 
  • DMX Cable: 3 Metres
  • Power Cable: 3 Metres
  • Bottom Mounting Screw


    • CE
    • ROHS


    • Net Weight: 8 Kg
    • Gross Weight: 10 Kg
    • Machine Dimension: 215 x 213 x 257 mm
    • Packing Dimension: 270 x 250 x 330 mm


    • Spark Fabrica Granule: 150 Grams or 50 Grams 
    • For more information please see the Granules Safety Data Sheet.