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Stage Lighting Bar 2.4m Long

Stage Lighting Bar 2.4m Long

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Product Description

 Stage 1 Lighting Bar.

Lighting Bar Stage 1 LX Bar 2.4m wired with 4x Standard 10A GPO,DMX/Data input/output 5 pin DMX connections: Option of 4 susended rigging point location per 2.4m long unit

Proudly designed, engineered and built in Australia Standards.
The Stage 1 achieves the strength and flexibility required to adapt into any space thanks to the impressive distributed weight loading and advanced configurable patch panel system. This durable lighting bar includes features such as interlocking modules without any compromise of the load bar rating, quick assembly and optional LED internal Lighting.


Material: Aluminium

Module Lengths: 2.4m, 

Barrel Size: 48.4mm OD

Distribution Loading: 55Kg/M

Point Loading: 130kg

Power Outlets: Standard 10A, or optional 20A

DMX input/output: 3/5 Pin XLR, Art-NET



Depth: 150mm

Height: 270mm

Length + Weight:

2.4m @ kg

Colour: Black Low Sheen as standard



Multicore Inputs: 19 Pin Socapex, Hardwired Optional

Power Outlets: Standard 10A, or optional 20A available.

DMX/Data input/output: 3/5 Pin XLR, Art-NET, Internal

LED: Optional Colour and Controllable LED

Colour: Black Low Sheen, other colours and finishes available on request.


– The  LX Bar is designed for use as a lifting beam to AS4991:2004, Classification C2

– The  LX Bar complies with electrical safety requirements AS3100:2002 

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