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Vonyx CM300B Studio USB Microphone Echo Black

Vonyx CM300B Studio USB Microphone Echo Black

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Product Description

The Vonyx CM300B gives you a high-performance USB studio microphone. Sporting a wide frequency response, the CM300B offers free drive and simple operation. It will also connect directly to your PC or laptop using a USB cable; thanks to plug-and-play connectivity, you won’t even have to install any drivers.

Giving you high-quality audio and excellent voice projection; the CM300B is a great choice whether you’re singing, gaming, chatting, web hosting, podcasting, voiceovers, or online meetings.

What’s more, the CM300B comes complete with a sturdy shock mount, foldable tripod stand, pop foam filter, and USB cable. So you’ll have everything you need in order to start recording professional audio straight out of the box.

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