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Wharfedale SL1224USB studio/live mixing console

Wharfedale SL1224USB studio/live mixing console

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Wharfedale SL1224USB studio/live mixing console
12 Channel Studio / Live USB Mixing Desk

The SL 1224 mixer is a studio/live mixing console with built-in full duplex USB interfacing. It will cater for a wide range of mid-format mixing duties, including both live sound and home studio applications.

These include a high quality class-compliant 2-input 2-output 16-bit/48kHz USB interface, with a flexible record bus and dedicated return channel great for live or home recording.

A 3-band EQ is available on all channels, with an additional high pass filter on the mono channels. A integrated FX processor offers huge creative potential, supplemented by a dedicated FX send and auxiliaries.

Key Features:-
• Built-In Digital FX with Dedicated Send
• Full Duplex 2 In/2 Out 16-Bit 48kHz USB Interface
• 12 Studio Grade Phantom Powered Mic pre-amps
• 3-Band EQ with High Pass Filters
• Pan and Balance Controls

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