Zoom F2 Field Recorder & Lavalier Mic – 32 Bit Float Technology 0.0 star rating Wri

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Zoom F2 Field Recorder

The Zoom F2 Field Recorder brings you 32-Bit Float Technology in the smallest and lightest recorder, ever. Offering the perfect solution whether you’re a podcaster, videographer, bloggers, journalists and more. It’s also available in a Bluetooth version for even more versatility.

Boasting 32-Bit float recording, the F2 allows you to record the loudest audio signals without having to worry about clipping. It’ll also record the quietest signals in some beautiful detail. Best of all, you don’t even have to set the gain. Simply plug in your lavalier and you’re to record.

Once you’re recording, the convenient HOLD switch on the F2 ensures you don’t accidentally stop recording during an important take. The lavalier also has screw-lock connectors so no matter the situation, it will never come unplugged.