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Zoom R20 Portable Multitrack Recorder

Zoom R20 Portable Multitrack Recorder

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Zoom R20 Portable Multitrack Recorder
The Zoom R20 is a portable multitrack recorder with a familiar 4.3” Full-color LCD touchscreen display. It features the latest preamps and noise floor of any multi-track recorder Zoom has ever designed. The R20 offers 6x XLR inputs, 2x combo inputs, and 16x tracks of recording; so it’s perfect for singer-songwriters to full bands. This versatile multitrack recorder is also an 8-in/4-out or a 2-in/2-out audio interface with PC, Mac and iOS compatibility.

Versatile Multitrack Mixer
The R20 provides 8x channels stips to control and mix with. You can record up to 16 tracks (8 simultaneously). Each channel strip includes Input peak indicators also known as gain knobs. Dedicated Track Record Buttons are present as well as Master Channel Faders. The R20 will improve your workflow with both colour-coded faders and gain dials; with touchscreen track regions, which make sure you are always adjusting the correct channel. The 4.3” Full-color LCD touchscreen display offers a rich interactive experience that makes recording easy. Furthermore, the R20 is the first multi-track recorder that allows accessibility for the visually impaired. The R20 Control App also features VoiceOver and VoiceOver Gestures.

A headphone jack is included that allows for monitoring while recording and also includes dedicated outputs for mixing on your favourite monitors. You can record directly to SDHC or SDXC cards up to 1 TB, giving you plenty of space to track your next song or album. With the R20 you can also import and playback standard MIDI files; allowing you to import bass lines, melodies, piano parts, and more. It offers 18x built-in Synth Sounds and allows you to Plug in a MIDI keyboard via USB-C. You can also use the touchscreen to add sonic textures with the R20’s internal synthesizer.
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